Other Stuff

Bathing suits - Er, Kath'll explain this one

Deutz Engine.zip - Fantastic screensaver of a reciprocating diesel engine

Goggles_35.url - link to site where you can fly a plane over GoogleMaps

HB - Happy Birthday GIF

IMG_2999.jpg - SimonM and me at Whaddon

IMG_4930.jpg - Knee planted at the Melbourne Hairpin on the '10... Oh yessssss!

Image009.jpg - Heli in office (Esky Honey Bee King)

Image010.jpg - Heli in office

Kath - Kath's stuff

Lights_flash_500_2.gif - You can't have too many lights!

Old Favorites.zip - Exactly what it says on the tin

PWK_Export - This site

SLAMS.jpg - Stop Looking At My Screen, orignally a screensaver image

Spanner_kip_wallpaper.jpg - That stripey cat doing what he does most of the time

Value_Bday.jpg - Happy Birthday

WPC_Clio.jpg - John's ex-cat joins The Fuzz

Wine.xls - OK, there may be a small amount of wine in the loft

Yoda_wallpaper.jpg - 1600 1200

doggy.gif - Keep watching... (original)

doggy2.gif - Keep watching... (resized for avatar use at some point)

dogrun.gif - Little dog runs back and forth

maddog.jpg - Cartoon mutt

milk-chocolate-hobnobs.gif - Mmmm, Hobnobs

ninja.gif - Nice little cartoon Ninja animation

ninja0.gif - A bigger one

scarycat.gif - Cats are evil

zx10r-logo_ninja.gif - Ninja Logo

Screen Cleaner - For cleaning screens

Spider - a spider!

How fast officer? - GPS reading after a BH brekky run!

Grievance - .wav file audio from my Grievance meeting (15/03/2011)