How to Use PersonalWebKit

Hello there.

Welcome to your first web page created in PersonalWebKit. What you are reading is the editable text that can be changed and formatted using PersonalWebKit's rich set of tools located on the Toolbar above.

This is just a temporary page to assist you in quickly learning some of the features in PersonalWebKit. It can be deleted at any time using your Pages and Links Tab. When you are ready to start building your web site, delete this page and open the Home page instead.

First of all, locate the Preview in Browser Button on the Toolbar immediately above this window. It's the button with the magnifying glass over the paper, 5th button from the left. When you click that button, this page will open in your web browser and you can see your website.

Anytime you make any changes to this page by typing in this window, the preview in Browser Button will show you what the page will look like as a web page.

Try some text formatting on the next paragraph. Just select the text, then try the Bold, Italic, or Underline buttons. Make sure that you select some text by dragging the insertion point over a few words of text.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

With some formatting, you can change it almost anyway you can change text in a word processor.
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Click the Preview in Browser Button after you try making some changes.

Use your Enter key to create new paragraphs.
Use Shift + Enter to just make a soft carriage return.

Links to other web pages can be added by selecting some text, then clicking the Add Link Button. You must have some text selected when you do this, as that text will become the link.
For instance, here's a link to PersonalWebKit's site. You can remove a link or add an email link by using other link buttons as well. This will only work when your see this page in a browser.

Headings and Pictures

You can make a heading like the one immediately above by clicking a line of text, then selecting one of the T1, T2, or S1 buttons above. These are custom Titles or Styles you can apply to a paragraph of text. Bullets also affect a whole paragraph of text.

Pictures can be added by moving your insertion point to the beginning of a paragraph, then clicking the Add Picture Button on the Toolbar. You will have to browse to a picture file you have on your computer, click the Save Pic to Library Button, then PersonalWebKit will create a copy of this picture for you to use in any of your pages.

Once you have learned a bit about this Edit Window, you can click the Pages and Links tab and delete this page anytime you like.. It's only for learning. All your other web pages you can make by typing in text or by importing word files.

Remember to try the Help Menu at the top to go back to the Quickstart Guide and the rest of the Help Files. They'll show you more about designing the look of your web banner and site, adding pages, and putting your website onto the internet.